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Started in late 2001 by Vince Andrews who as a member of the platinum 80s group Pretty Poison, learned the agent business from the artist's perspective.  There is always an asking price, an offer, and after a negotiation, an agreed-upon price.

Through years of touring and interaction with various artists, Vince became known for getting his artist friends the best prices possible.  With a growing number of opportunities to book many of his artist friends, Chemikal Entertainment Group was born.

Vince prides himself on being able to give clubs the best possible pricing while at the same time allowing the artists to get their asking price.


Dedicated to helping nightclubs, promoters and corporate event planners hire successful, classic recording artists for events without breaking the bank, Vince invented the concept of Productive Pairing.

Productive Pairing is a simple concept by which artists have a portion of their fee underwritten by a corporate sponsor with the savings being passed on to the club owner in exchange for product visibility in all advertising, social media, etc.

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